Day: April 18, 2014

Soaking it up …

Soaking21Seems that a donkey can’t take a bath around here without an audience! 😉
Soaking1Don’t worry – this is not a jenny sleeping with ‘sore feet’ extended – it is Darby caught just as she finished a very satisfying roll in the warm sandy bath on the hill. The spring sunshine sure is a welcome addition to mid-day snoozes!
Soaking3Just like in the  paddock these four tend to break up into these couples – Paco and his ever faithful tiny sidekick (Bella) …
Soaking4… and the girls – Rosie and Darby – looking a little ragged. It’s brushing season! Too bad you can’t make yarn out of donkey hair … we’ve got lots of it! 😉
Soaking2All’s well at The Meadow. Happy Easter weekend everyone!