Day: April 11, 2014

“Bully Pass” is Open for the Season

Pssst01Phew! The ‘pass‘ is open! It has been months since we’ve been able to drive the ‘Bully’ over the hilltop. The ice storm in December turned this spot into a downhill skating rink. That meant we needed to drive through the house yard – out onto the road – and then down to the next property to where we keep the compost bin. I like it so much better when the Bully can stay ‘inside’ the donkey habitat for those jobs.
Pssst02I wonder if this is what I’ll measure spring by from here on out? It isn’t so much the shirt sleeves that are making me smile! And if the Bully can get through – so can the donkeys. I love seeing them up in the woods and on the hillside. There is so much space up there for them to explore. It is great for their hooves – has plenty of spots to rub against for a good back scratch – and oodles of little shoots and even old leaves to munch on.
Pssst03So now I can fuss away to my heart’s content – picking up some more of the fallen brush – scooping up donkey poop – and checking for any old metal or glass that seems to keep floating to the surface … This piece of property belonged to some people that believed ‘over the hill’ was just as good as the municipal dump … The rain we’ve been getting is helping with all of that.
Pssst04When I get chased inside by wind and rain it is good to know that the quartet also has a good spot to ride out a storm! Our barn cam is in the kitchen. Notice Rosie is the ‘door guard’ while Paco is content to keep the girls between he and the weather! 😉

Happy spring everybody!