Day: April 9, 2014


Pssst01Many afternoons I spend about fifteen minutes with each of the jennies working on their ‘social skills’ (haltering, walking with a lead rope, taking treats politely, lifting their hooves for checking). They, however, don’t think of this as ‘learning’ … they see it more for what it is – the tuck shop is open!
Pssst03Rosie has become very good at noticing when my ‘treat vest’ comes out. The other day she spotted it from clear on the hillside path. I had hung it just outside the big gate of the paddock on the lilac tree … While everyone else ambled on down to the hay barn and the feeder bins Rosie ever so quietly moved along until she could get her face to the gate to make sure that was THE vest. Then she kept her eyes on me to let me know she knew. She and I were able to ‘sneak’ unnoticed into the Bully Barn for her ‘class’. Now she knows that she can be FIRST if she manages to keep a close eye out. 😉
Pssst02Psssst! Darby … Rosie has that look in her eye again … What do you think she knows that we don’t?