Day: April 8, 2014

Lumber Jane

Lumber Jane01Darby has noticed that the ‘Meadow Mice’ have also come out of hiding with the spring weather. All sorts of projects are a ‘buzz’.
Lumber Jane03Sure enough – the chief engineer here at the Meadow was anxious to get on to her list of spring projects. One of which is to clear a better path for the Bully to make it down the woods hill to the front field.
Lumber Jane04That means her handy dandy chainsaw came out for action. I love this tool. It has a recoil start … I think that is what you call it. With our old chainsaw you had to yank your arm out of your shoulder socket to keep starting it! With this one – you gently pull the starter cord out … and then the recoil is what actually gives it the kick start. Makes so much more sense!
Lumber Jane05It meant that ‘Lumber Jane’ could bring down four trees that she’d been noticing for months now …
Lumber Jane06Timber! Bella loved the sight of that – it meant all those new buds that had been WAY UP THERE were now within munching range! I think the herd will be grazing on tree tops for a few days. Happy spring out there!
Lumber Jane02