Day: April 7, 2014

Back on the Hilltop

Hilltop02Another great sign of spring! The hilltop has started to clear. Right up to a few days ago there was snow up to my knees out there. Paco had taken a run or two at it … but gave up.
Hilltop01Everyone got into the mud – rolling – and rolling – and leaping – and rubbing their faces in it – digging in it – looking for shoots … just plain enjoying the feel of the earth again!
Hilltop03When Paco noticed Ede heading into the woods with her chain saw he decided it was time for the herd to move out of there.
Hilltop04However … getting them to actually move on out was quite a challenge.
Hilltop05He nudged politely … he pushed politely … he even gently kicked politely!
Hilltop06The girls just kept finding ways to confound him! Life is tough when you are the leader!