Day: April 5, 2014

Walk About Day 2

Overcoming01While Paco and I work in the Bully Barn stall … Ede is able to capture what is going on ‘outside’. Bella decided there had to be a way in! She and Rosie looked quite bedraggled this morning. The lower field has some very wet spots and everyone has discovered that the ‘rolling pit’ (aka sandy spot) is now snow free. Sure makes for some great donkey baths – which translates into dirt, mud and wood chips galore!
Overcoming02While Bella tried the ‘gotta go under’ method – Rosie tried the “Look at me – I’m so cute with my face peering over the top at you two … can I have a treat?” When I take Paco out of the paddock I keep Rosie and Darby on the far side – but try to invite Bella to join us.

She still isn’t keen on going through the big gate. It was funny to see her bopping the heck out of the red ‘bobbin’ on the red gate! She knows it from our clicker training games. Touching it means … “I hear you Mom, I’m ready!”