Day: April 3, 2014

Overcoming Fears

Overcoming01This is Paco and I this morning. We had a big day today. He took two big steps:
Overcoming021. He willingly took a peanut butter squirt treat from a syringe. Just a week ago the sight of a syringe made his eyes pop out ‘Pug style’ – and he was giving a definite NO to letting it anywhere near him.  Perhaps this is one step closer to his being able to take a sedative this way some day soon. Two weeks and counting … don’t tell him though.
Overcoming032. Today we went for our first ‘out of paddock and donkey woods’ walk in over a year. This was why I’ve been working so hard to help him accept a halter. It has been a full month of putting the halter on and off each day … and today I could hear the birds singing, and feel the warm breeze … What better day to try to encourage him to brave leaving the paddock? I knew that if we could get to the bird feeders he would LOVE scooping up seeds from the ground. AND I had Bella on our side of the paddock. I hoped she would follow us out for a stroll as well. At first she wasn’t too keen on going past the gates! She followed into the woods on the far side of the fence and just cried! 8( I was able to show her the side gate and out she popped to follow her ‘hero’. What a great day!