Spring Snow

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I’m starting to feel a great deal of empathy for the main character in the movie ‘Ground Hog Day’… isn’t that the one where he wakes up to the same day over and over again? Although this snow is spring snow – and that will make all the difference … right?
Spring Snow03
The donkeys all stepped into the barns and very wisely let me have the paddock to myself while I scooped up the snow and plowed it right out of there. The minute they could see that the coast was clear – they were out to get a taste of today’s fresh hay delivery.
Spring Snow04In the meantime I picked up where we left off yesterday hacking our way through an ‘icebank’ that grew in front of the Bully Barn double doors way back in December. Since then it has been growing … and growing … As I chopped at the ice with the axe I realized I was determined to stay out there until I freed the doorways of the ‘door stop log’ that I left there (so foolishly!) in the fall. Plus – if I could somehow crack my way deep enough to find the paddock gravel I would be able to avoid yet another day of ice cold water melting through the doors onto the barn floor.
Spring Snow01Success! I didn’t have the energy to jump in the air and pump my fists (like I did the first time I fixed the Bully snowplow blade by myself) … but we did celebrate by clearing the barn of all of the old damp wood chips – and laying a brand new fresh smelling warm dry layer. Which – of course – led to a run on ‘the spa’. Rosie was right in there – rolling and rolling – until she had a great wood chip coat to show off to the others.
Spring Snow05When she first gets up she’ll let me pick away at the chips that have stuck to her eyelashes and cheeks … but all of the rest is there to stay for as long as possible.
Spring Snow02At first Bella Sky was just too busy to take much notice of Rosie’s ‘do’. But eventually the fresh perfumed smell caught her attention.
Spring Snow06Rosie’s look – and eau de le copeaux de bois was hard to miss …
Spring Snow07… but so was the smell of the fresh pail of cool water.
Spring Snow09By the time Bella got herself into the barn she looked back out at me as if to ask, ‘What was it I came in here for?’
Spring Snow08I assured her it was just ‘nap time’ – I know that’s where I’m headed! xxoo

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