Phew! Spring is hard work!

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And the melt is on! Funny thing I realized as we hacked away at ice with the sledge hammer axe … Our nice little sheltered paddock is downhill from the northern field, the western woods and the eastern Bully Road and Donkey Woods. Extraordinary snow – extraordinary melt!
We both put in a good three hours this morning and then were out early this afternoon to get back at it. The Bully Barn was ‘floating’ inside … I think if we hadn’t had the wood chips down there might have been a raging stream flowing in one side and out the other! Ede and I have crawled in for dinner and are slowly sinking into our favourite reading spots.

I spent the afternoon mostly in the lower field. Just before I went out Ede was working in her woodshop and I was snatching a cookie break … when suddenly I spotted Bella Sky ON Paco’s back!! I have NO IDEA how she got there! She was splay legged right in the centre while Paco stood frozen like a statue! I started to LAUGH! A teary eyed gut splitting never ending guffaw that brought Ede running up from the basement. Bella slid off and then roared around the field butting and jumping and rearing and skipping – running at Darby and then Rosie and then back at Paco. I had tears running down my face by the time we realized Paco was actually hiding behind Darby by holding her in front of him by the neck. It looked like Bella had suddenly realized she could ‘fly’!

I’m not sure who will be more tired … no wait … I’m certain Ede will declare there is not another creature here at the Meadow more tired than we humans tonight!

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