By Any Other Name …

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By Any Other Name01Bambino … Munchkin … Baby … Pipsqueak … Little One …
By Any Other Name02It doesn’t matter how you refer to Bella … she is a beaut! So much fun to watch a little one grow and find her place in the herd. This morning she was helping Ede by dragging the poop sled around the paddock. She watches Darby very closely and emulates almost everything she does. We’ll have to make sure Darby develops good habits!
By Any Other Name03These days Bella is a wood chip diva. Her long coat works like velcro in holding onto chips of any size or shape. It will be fun to be able to brush her out and stop with the chips once the REAL spring weather arrives. I’m curious to find out how much of her coat will stay. She is part ‘wooly’ … so we’ll have to wait and see. Hey – Carolyn – if you’re reading this … do you have a picture of her father we can see?
By Any Other Name04She has also had a real growth spurt this last little while. Although she is still shorter than Rosie it doesn’t look like it will take long for her to catch up!

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