Reinforcements for our “Last” Blizzard

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Gma Camp Day 1 (4)Yes … another blizzard arrived … but so did some reinforcements! Kyla and Lexi arrived for March Break Gramma Camp. Hurray! It really was something here this afternoon. The wind picked up and there are now new drifts in the paddock and even all around the Bully in the Bully Garage. But not to fear. We had great helpers for the afternoon chores.
Gma Camp Day 1 (3)The donkeys were very happy to see refills being delivered to their barns. Poor Bella Sky found that the snowdrifts were up to her belly!
Gma Camp Day 1 (10)At one point I looked up to realize that we had all four donkeys AND four people (albeit two of them ‘littler’ versions) all in the Bully Barn together. Paco was relaxed … as he and Kyla share some type of bond that has lasted through three years now. I am always enchanted to watch him recognize her when she arrives after being away for a few months.
Gma Camp Day 1 (2)A novelty this week is Lexi’s new found courage. She was right in there with the rest of us – hauling the hay bins – and even petting and feeding the donkeys by hand while perched on a milk carton in the very busy barn. She was enchanted with Bella who is ‘just her size’. (Notice Paco in the background – still IN the barn – that is another case of ‘new found courage’!)
Gma Camp Day 1 (11)After playing in the hay barn we’ve all escaped inside to warm up by the fire. Tomorrow promises to be sunny. We’ll be busy clearing the snow as well as getting the regular morning jobs finished up!
Gma Camp Day 1 (6)Cheers from Gramma Camp!

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