Day: March 4, 2014

A simpler life …

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI┬áhave always been a great one for planning – long term planning. Funny how the most important things in my life have been those things that just plain swept me off of my feet out of nowhere! One of them being this big four footed loving creature that captured my heart when I wasn’t looking!

Sun and cuddles ... oh yah!
Sun and cuddles … oh yah!

Now, here I am, spending a few hours every morning and every afternoon outside in whatever the weather can throw at us. I know what the skies look like, I know what the air feels like, I know what songs the birds are singing (by the way – the chickadees are singing spring songs this week!!).

Paco Profile
Paco Profile

Sure – some days I find myself lagging a bit as I get ready to put on layers and layers of clothing to match the winter winds. But once I am outside – and I get to look out over the back field and take a deep breath of fresh air – I am loathe to come back in. The very best thing though … the biggest difference this has made in my life … is that I’ve needed to pare down my days to what really matters to me. Once I live four or even six of my ‘hours’ outside with the donkeys there really are only a few left to live inside. It has now been eight months since I stepped out of the wild and crazy schedule of a working life. It is amazing to me how simple things fill up so much of my mind, heart and soul. I am learning that I am very well suited to the life of a hermit! My simple pleasures are good books, good movies, a fireplace, some music and family. Bliss…


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