Day: March 1, 2014

Set Your Sights High

Goals001It has been a diamond day around here. The wind died down – the temperature went up – the donkeys stayed in the paddock and barns and visited with me almost all day. Brett sent this picture along … Hmm… always more goals to set my sights on for Paco and I! 😉

He and I have continued to work on ‘Clicker Training’. Our goal being to help him comfortably ‘give me’ his hooves for trimming. Now – that might not sound so grand a goal – but for Paco – that is a BIG step. Today, for the very first time, he lifted his right hoof and let me cradle it in my hand for a short time. That felt so great!! I loved him up big time and gave him some bonus treat rewards. We have our training sessions in the morning when I take a carrot breakfast out to the jennies. This afternoon he AND I AND the three jennies relaxed in the Bully Barn. That is also a big improvement for Paco. He had such fears of being in either of our shelters a) with me moving about; b) with any type of crowded situation. I think he associated the barns with a trailer. I used to have a little ‘seat’ built into the door corner of the Bully Barn. I would slip in there quiet as could be and sit with he and Darby. I would bring them carrot slices and sit a while hoping to help him to calm down. Now, here we are with me moving in and out of the barn – reaching over to pat his back, giving him a ‘butt scratch’ (a favourite demand of all four donkeys), stroking his face, scooping up poops, refilling hay bags – and he just relaxes into it all.

I was very glad to see ‘March’ roll around on our calendars today. I got thinking about how much more aware I have been of the weather, the moon cycle, the sunrise and sunset times … I always loved winter (and still do enjoy most of it). However – being out in it this much more – I can relate to why senior Canadians flock to Florida and other southern destinations! Especially this winter. Let’s hope that this is not the new ‘norm’. For many years I taught intermediate students about climate change and the possible impacts it could have on both the jet stream and the ocean currents. Not very many people were aware that ‘global warming’ means more severe weather and that includes more severe winters for our area. Yikes! It sure would mean a change in lifestyle over the winter months.

However TODAY was a diamond day. No need to borrow tomorrow’s troubles!