Hey Hay!

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When I grew up in Guelph, Ontario there used to be an ice cream truck that played music and called kids out of houses like the ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’. Well – turns out Parham has something along the same lines …

Hey Hay004The Hay Man!Hey Hay005Randy lives just down the road from us. He loves to see the herd out in the front field when he is heading into work … or getting home. He knows them all by name and stops to say hello when he is out walking his dog, Cricket. He noticed the bale was getting low out there and called to see if we wanted another. I thought it was cute that he was hoping that we’d put another out there so he could see them more often – as that field fronts on the road. 😉 During calm nights or sunny days they love to spend every minute there.
Hey Hay007Once the donkeys hear the tractor … they trot down the hill to greet Randy.
Hey Hay009While I unwrap the binder twine they stake their spots. Notice that with the bale here we can watch them from our kitchen window too. I love seeing them all curled up in the hay. We have only put bales out here in the FREEZING weather. Then I don’t worry that they’ll eat too much. Eating lots seems to help them battle the cold. If we kept doing this … I think Paco would end up putting on too much weight. The girls seem to eat and then lounge or play. Paco would eat – and eat – and eat – if he could – all year round. It’s also a great spot for them to shelter from the north wind and soak up the southern sunshine.
Hey Hay008Although, I did notice that tonight they didn’t stay down there long. There is a strong and bitter west wind blowing here tonight. The weather forecast predicts another week of polar air … Brrr! I’m not so worried about -20’C temperatures. That stretch of -40’C sure has reset my inner ‘cold rating scale’!
Hey Hay003On cold days with southern winds – the favourite fast food spot is the hay barn. Our shelters are not all that big. Each is about eight feet by twelve feet. I’m always amazed that even with a hay bale sitting in this little space all four donkeys can find a way in too!
Hey Hay2001The ‘hay barn’ is the blue building on the left above. I only let them in for a short period each day. While I rake up the paddock or stuff hay bags they work away at clearing the grain off the floor. Such a helpful bunch! 😉

Hey Hay002Normally – all you would see when looking into the hay barn would be four behinds. 😉 I had to call out names to get their eyes and heads up to ‘picture level’ for these shots!

And here it is … dark again. Another day rolls by at the Meadow. Hope you are noticing some signs of spring in your neck of the woods. It has been a tough winter for everyone!

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