Eau de le printemps!

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Spring Smells001It’s coming! Just get a whiff of that! Those spring smells are enough to curl your toes nose! We had a fabulous day around here. Hours and hours of sunshine … raking in our shirt sleeves … AND I figured out the clicker schedule!
Spring Smells002After thinking … and thinking … and then thinking some more … I FINALLY realized! Why am I doing clicker training (other than it is actually great fun!)? For PACO! So this morning while the girls were enjoying their carrot breakfast treats Paco and I slipped into the other side of the paddock for some real work in the Bully Barn. It was SUPER! FANTASTIC! RELAXED! Oh – ya! I’ll just concentrate on him for now. We accomplished a lot – the girls were happy to munch away – no sweat! It also meant a much more relaxed afternoon in which I got to hang out with everyone and enjoy lots of donkey cuddles.
Win – win – win!

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