Bella Sky – Donkey or Sheep?

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Feb Frolics008Bella Sky’s furry looks have been leading some passers by to think that we have a sheep in our herd.
Feb Frolics007It is fun to see people slow right down and double check as they go by.
Feb Frolics010She sure is a furry little thing.
Feb Frolics016I had an amazing time with her yesterday while working around the bale in the lower field.
Feb Frolics015I did not get a shot of this because I was too in awe of how it looked and how relaxed she was. She had been eating away by my side. When the sun came out I heard her sigh. She laid right down and promptly fell asleep. I settled back onto the bale myself and just soaked up the rays.
Feb Frolics014Good thing we had that chance! Today this hay stack is covered in a tarp with more fresh snow piled on top. The herd has been in the barns all day – staying out of the north wind and the blowing snow. At one point as I filled hay bags I realized I was IN our small hay shed WITH Paco, Rosie and Bella Sky. They were doing their best to help eat up the grain on the floor! Such a helpful crowd! 😉

Stay warm! Hugs from the Meadow Mice.

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