Day: January 30, 2014

Toasty in Close Quarters

Sunny Day Jan 30 2001Each morning as I come into the kitchen I turn on the ‘Paddock Camera’ and our iPad Weather App. The Weather screen is divided into columns – each representing a day. Then there are rows (horizontal) for: temperature; minutes of sunshine; mm of precipitation (x 10 for snowfall in cm); and wind speed and direction. Today it took me a few seconds to figure out what that ‘star burst’ icon was at the top of the screen. Ohhhhhh… sunshine! Haven’t seen a full day forecast of that in a while! Notice the temperature – a balmy -5’C. How are we ever going to tolerate the above zero temperatures of the spring? 😉 Looking down the screen we could see that although we were going to have some solid sunny periods … they were going to be very windy! And then – glancing ahead into the week I can see that I’ll need to book a few full days of snowplowing in on Sunday and Wednesday. Ahhh… love being a ‘geek’! 😉Sunny Day Jan 30002The Morning Doves were not very pleased with the snowstorm forecast – however – they were glad to hear that the early clouds were going to clear away to blue skies.
Sunny Day Jan 30004The Jays are ALWAYS fans of blue skies – they look all the more beautiful on those days.
Sunny Day Jan 30006Grey Squirrel was NOT pleased with the ‘more snow’ bulletin! It has taken him days to plow his trails. It isn’t easy being a squirrel submarine!
Sunny Day Jan 30008He’s put in a request for snowshoes in order to just ‘stay on top of things’!
Sunny Day Jan 30005Meanwhile – the quartet is waiting out the winds in the comfort of the Bully Barn. It is nice and cozy in there when you put all five of us together! Hope you are staying warm in your neck of the woods.

Hugs from the Meadow!