Day: January 29, 2014

Munch a Bunch

Hallooooo from the middle of the week at the Meadow! I realized that I’ve gone into hibernation mode these last couple of days. I think when the snow let up – and the worries about the paddock and the donks eased up over the temperatures and the wind – I simply dissolved into my cozy chair and disappeared into books and sleep! (By the way – looking for a great book? Try ‘Cutting for Stone’ by Abraham Verghese. Epic …)
Munch a Bunch001As the ‘survival mode’ chores have let up we’ve lifted our heads and looked at what needs attention. Hmmm… like maybe the wood frames on the barn doors? 😉 Gee – Darby has no idea how they’ve gotten so worn … and … well, look at that! They almost look chewed.
Munch a Bunch002My donkey mentor, Kevin Gallagher, pointed out a number of times that I’d best be prepared for chewed up wood. (Kevin and Donna have Ass Back Wood Acres. They have an amazing herd of miniature donkeys and a miniature horse and mule as well. You can check out their herd on their website. Or, check the MANY posts I wrote about them by clicking on my tag cloud to the right.) As I was hanging out in the paddock tonight Darby was nosing around hoping I might have another peanut or some grain in my snack pack. I was hoping that SHE would resume playing with Paco. They’d just been wrestling and snuggling and Darby had tried to impress him with her ability to lift and toss about one of the feed bins… My camera was much more intriguing to her. After all – maybe it was a new kind of snack pack …
Munch a Bunch003We’ve started to try out protecting the exposed wood boards in our shelters with some wire mesh. I noticed that both Morning Bray Farm and 7MSN Ranch have used wire mesh on their walls. Good thing there is the ‘blogosphere’! I learn so much every time I get to see pictures from other donkey farms. Paco and Darby (above) are hanging out in the ‘Bully Garage’ (named after our side-by-side which is off getting an oil change and tune up). You can see that we’ve got the right hand side ‘meshed off’. I was interested to see Darby test it out and realize that she couldn’t get at the boards she had been munching on yesterday.
Goodnight001All too soon the sun is gone down and it is time for me to head into the house. You can see how some nights it is hard to walk away from the paddock gate!

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