Day: January 26, 2014

Bonus Bale

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes when the going gets tough – you just need a special treat. That was my logic when I asked our hay man, Randy, to deliver an extra bale to the front field. Seems that the quartet agreed with my thinking on this one! It was great to see that everyone had lots to eat while soaking up some sunshine. When the wind and clouds came out of the south it was a mellow herd that tromped back to the paddock for an afternoon snooze in the barns.

Meanwhile, I spent the morning clearing the paddock right back to the fences of all of the built up snow and rock hard ice. The Bully is great for sweeping up great mounds of fluffy stuff. But it is an old fashioned shovel and muscle that clears away the ice and makes sure the water buckets, gates and fence lines are clear.

I took great solace in catching up on some of my favourite donkey bloggers when I came back inside to collapse at lunch time! It seems that whether you are in Virginia, the American midwest, or British Columbia – you are likely exhausted trying to keep up to this winter’s weather! I did smile when reading yesterday’s post from ‘The Three Muleteers‘ (who live in the UK) … as right there in their pictures was a whisper of spring… And although I know that more snow and brrrr…. more polar winds are coming in February … I also know that following that comes March. And somewhere in March hides a lamb… We just have to get by that lion!