Day: January 22, 2014

Polar Plunge

Snowy Day Antics003And so it continues … another temperature dip plunge! In our neck of the woods the startling cold was all the more startling as there wasn’t even a wind.
Snowy Day Antics004I’m glad that a few days ago I talked the donkeys into a walk down into the front field.
Snowy Day Antics005For quite a long time we haven’t been able to wander that way as the ice on the trail, and especially the hillside, was just too risky – especially if you’re a flat footed hoofed creature.
Snowy Day Antics006We looked a little like a conga line …
Snowy Day Antics007… with Bella Sky wondering ‘what the heck’ we were up to.
Snowy Day Antics008Notice that once again it was her pal, Paco, who waited for her to come up the hill.
Snowy Day Antics009Although Darby was keen to be first in line going up …
Snowy Day Antics010… she sent Rosie ahead to check out the ‘slide’ factor.
Snowy Day Antics011Once Rosie ventured out onto the ‘glacier’ …
Snowy Day Antics012… everyone else was game. I swear I could hear echoes of that commercial with the kids eating cereal saying, “Let Mikey eat it!” Only this time it was, “Let Rosie try it!” Not sure if that proves she is the gutsiest … the lightest … or the sacrificial lamb!
Snowy Day Antics013Paco was definitely grateful for her efforts. He LOVES to be able to soak in the sunshine in that field. Each morning as the sun comes over the tree tops he’ll lead the herd down the hill. That is where breakfast and morning hay will be delivered for the next while (well – as long as the sun shines). We’re due for some more snow on the weekend. I’m crossing my fingers that it will be the ‘old fashioned’ kind and not the ice cap that we’ve been building up so far this winter.
Snowy Day Antics014After a while Bella Sky was keen to head back to the barn …
Snowy Day Antics015Paco let the girls all go and then explored along my trail of footprints. I hope I can get the Bully back into the field soon to make them an easier road to wander.
Snowy Day Antics016I had to chuckle at Paco’s next move.
Snowy Day Antics017When he realized the girls were actually all gone … and he had me to himself … he turned right back and cozied up for a serious rub down, ear scratching and hugging. He often gets ‘cut out’ by the others. Today he even moved the rest all around the barn to make sure he got to me before I stepped out the door. The longer their fur – the more the whole herd likes a good scratch.
Snowy Day Antics018And sure enough … within a few minutes … back came the girl squad. “What? The afternoon cuddle sessions are taking place down here?” And so I worked my way through them … one at a time …
Snowy Day Antics019… until the baby and I were all that was left! 🙂

I hope you are managing to stay warm where ever you are. Once the sun comes out here and I can bury my hands in lovely donkey fur I am glad to be outside! I am still pinching myself each day to make myself believe that I am really – truly – honestly free to enjoy hours and hours of donkey filled fresh air. I am recapturing that sense of freedom I remember as a kid … a day is just a day … and it is chalk full of play!

xoxo Wendy (aka The Donkey Whisperer)