Carrot Breakfast


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the best things about breakfast is …
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA… the ‘Greeting Party’ at the gate! Paco was also at the gate but decided to turn a few circles to curb his impatience while the ‘girls’ get the first bowls!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll the girls use bowls … but my buddy still likes it best if I share with him by hand.

3 comments on “Carrot Breakfast”

    1. Thanks for the comment Caroline. I am SO in love with Bella Sky. She is beautiful – inside and out. She loves to come on over to mark me ALL HERS and sometimes will use every little tiny body language signal in her arsenal to tell any of the others to back off when she is having some private scratching and brushing time! Tonight as I was passing through the kitchen I noticed on the ‘Donkey Cam’ that all four donkeys were laying down in the ‘Bully Barn’. Paco too! I love seeing them all together!

      Paco and Bella continue to be real buddies. This afternoon while I was working away in the paddock I looked over to see Rosie give Bella the ‘bums rush’ away from one of the hay bins. Bella sulked for a few minutes looking out to the field. Along came Paco – from all the way across the paddock – to stand beside her. You could see her relax. Then he ‘escorted’ her back to the bin that Rosie had taken over. He brushed Rosie away and when Bella started to eat again he let out a real long sigh and then headed back to his own bin! Gotta love that guy!

      Thanks again for raising such a sweetheart! She is MUCH LOVED here at the Meadow! xoxo Wendy


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