Day: January 12, 2014

The Right Tools

Perfect Tools001I have learned that the best defence against all kinds of weather – is the right ‘tool’ set. This electric dryer is one of the tops on my list. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is actually raining or not – after a few hours outside – my mitts are soaked! I just pop one pair onto the dryer … grab another pair that has already been dried (and sometimes warmed if I am right on time) and I’m ready to go again. We now have one of these in the house for the front door too.
Perfect Tools002We added this to our little ‘mud room’ at the top of the basement stairs. Ede has created a great system of shelves and cubbies to hold our umpteen pairs of outdoor wear. I have four coats, two shells, one rain suit, three pairs of snow/wind pants, five pairs of mitts/gloves, two flashlights, one snazzy headlamp, and two pairs of boot liner socks all stored here. PLUS one very important bottle of Febreeze on the top shelf. Just ditto most of that for Ede… And this is only our ‘donkey wear’! This does not include ‘hot weather’ clothing or bug season coats and head gear … although we hardly need much of that here. Ha!  No wonder it is more expensive to live in Canada!  And worth every penny! 😉

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