Day: January 7, 2014

Spring Cleaning? If Only!

Spring-Cleaning001I know I’m relaxing into a day when I get the ‘spring cleaning’ urge … With the weather we’ve been having – that is some fanciful thinking. 😉 I realized that I could now change up my ‘study’. Being retired from the classroom has meant a lot less books – and much more craft items are needing my space. So I raided the Kingston Loblaws’ shelves for nine baskets – est voila! Now instead of spellers and textbooks I’m working with collections of crafts for granddaughters, knitting supplies, art supplies, camera supplies, computer gadgets, math mind benders (I needed to keep my favourite subject in my life!), donkey reference books and library books.
Spring-Cleaning002Teddy was very happy to see some extra desk space cleared up!
Spring-Cleaning004Seems Rufus has taken over his chair!
Spring-Cleaning003So now my ‘Master Control Station’ is set to let me hibernate (in between donkey outdoor hours) for the winter months. It does make me chuckle to realize how more and more like my Mom I am. I now have her hands and feet (not sure what she is doing with mine?) AND her urge to create, create, create in a little corner of the world she could call her own. Her crafts office was AMAZING! She had cupboards all organized with quilting materials, knitting supplies, sewing supplies, computer gadgets galore and a gazillion files of family photos and family history research. Just a chip off the old block am I! 😉

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