Day: January 4, 2014

41 Degrees Warmer

Sunshine003Ahh… it is down right ‘balmy’ here today – hovering around 0’C. Quite a difference from the -40′ windchills of the last two days and nights! I have discovered that spending time in the paddock at 2 am is quite relaxing… when there isn’t a terrible wind. I’ve been going out twice during the night to make sure the quartet has water and lots to eat to stay warm. Last night Paco was downright cuddly. He came out of the Condo stretching like a cat and mozzied right up for some good ear and whisker scratches. That was a good sign as the last two nights none of the herd have wanted to move from their ‘digs’ when I appeared.
Sunshine001As I am writing this the Bigs are following the sun and taking some time to catch up on some zzzzzzzzzzzz’s. While Bella will settle for partial shade as long as there is something to chew on. 😉
Sunshine004All that eating is working … I’m not sure if Paco’s belly is lower (again due to lots of eating) … or if Bella is already that much taller. Either way – she can no longer tuck herself right in under his belly for protection. She doesn’t need much protection these days. She has established herself with all three of her new donkey family members. This morning she made me laugh right out loud when she ‘backed’ in the Condo doorway to join the ‘Bigs’ – ears back and one little ‘hop’ the minute Darby moved to touch her back. She turned and glared at both Paco and Darby and then turned away from them and began to soak up the sunshine. The ‘Bigs’ spent some time pinned to the back wall by Mighty Mouse!
Sunshine009I am so happy to report that the bonding of the minis has started to show. Bella and Rosie spend a good deal of time together and I’ve been able to watch them grooming and nuzzling each other on our ‘donkey cam’ at night. Rosie will team up with Bella and hold court in one of the barns. Bella still likes to be with Paco whenever she can. But who doesn’t!? 😉
Sunshine010So – for now – we’re enjoying the respite from the arctic winds and the blue skies and sunshine. There is another system heading our way for the weekend. Our forecasts keep wavering between 10 – 20 cm of snow followed by …. egads … more freezing rain – or the one I’m pinning my hopes on that predicts 2 cm of snow – period.