Bedroom Clean Up


Bedroom Cleanup009With the recent cold spell both of the barns had started to develop a mattress of hay. In bad weather all four donkeys like to stay indoors … and eat their way through it while they wait for the sun to shine again.
Bedroom Cleanup008So … while the quartet was busy with breakfast I decided to freshen things up. (In case you’re reading this Caroline – look how much Bella Sky has grown!)
Bedroom Cleanup006She is doing GREAT! She was running and kicking her heels up this morning in the front field. It is really something to watch as Bella is the youngest (and smallest) and Darby is the next youngest (and biggest). The two of them get running. Today was the first day I saw her realize that Darby was wanting to play. I think prior to today Darby looked awfully big to consider … plus – truth be told – Darby is a bit very bossy. It isn’t unusual to find that the others have left Darby to her own devices and her own barn.
Bedroom Cleanup004Darby’s recent interests have included eating bamboo rakes, eating barn doors, stealing mitts (mine), pushing or pulling the sled around (on her own) or pushing it from the back while I pull it from the front. Ever helpful that one! 😉
Bedroom Cleanup005When I came in at lunchtime both barns were sporting fresh new wood shaving bedding. Smelled great! Looks like we’ll be heading into another spot of bad weather awfully soon!

2 comments on “Bedroom Clean Up”

    1. Ha! I just looked back. So true! Although – that may be more because that’s when I’m done my chores and my cuddling! If I don’t have something in my hands I’m likely petting her and talking to her. 😉

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