Day: May 26, 2013

The Herd

KC-Weekend1This has to be my favourite picture ever of our three. Thanks Rick!

We’ve had a great weekend. The sunshine has been so welcome – AND so has the wind. It has kept the mozzies away. I LOVE being home and being able to just putter away outside. I’ve mowed ALL the lawns – fixed up all of the hay – washed water buckets – and had lots of time for good donkey play.

I’ve had a few emails asking about Paco being separate from the girls. Earlier this past week I had confirmation that having that separate fence line is still a good thing… I came home late from a meeting to pouring rain. I wanted to make sure there was enough hay to keep the critters happy overnight. So out I went. While leaning over one of the temporary fences to pick up Paco’s hay ‘bowl’ I slipped and squashed the fence. In the blink of an eye Paco sized up the situation … reared back and jumped right over me. Ahhh… how sweet … I thought. Maybe he just wants the company of the two girls and me. As I turned around I held that thought! The three of them were running around and around the paddock like some kind of egg beater ride gone mad. And then – it only got better – Darby climbed up on Rosie’s back – Paco climbed up on Darby’s back – and I figured I was going to have three donkeys with twelve broken legs!!! (Now by NO STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION am I talking a three storied donkey pile … Just think circus elephants … all resting their front legs on each others backs… Still funny enough AFTER I got them all back to where they were supposed to be.)

Since then I’ve really noticed Rosie showing the typical signs of being in ‘heat’. She is ‘yawing’ and Paco and loves to nip at his nose and then run away. Then there was the time Ede and I came across Rosie backed right up to Paco and him trying to figure out how he could perhaps manage ‘his’ job through the fence. As the fence wobbled Ede and I headed out to grab another fence post, the pounder and some wire. Paco seemed to be saying, ‘Really? You’re going to make this even harder?’ as we checked that the fence line was good and taut.

With the current set up the three of them can still hang out in various locations. Paco is still intent on keeping an eye on them. Just before I came in tonight the girls were running full speed around the front field, up and down the hill, back and forth to the paddock and then doing it all again. Paco’s ears perked right up and he stationed himself on the highest rock on the hillside. He turned and tracked them wherever they ran … He waited there until they stopped running and then joined them at the paddock fence. He takes his job very seriously. Fence be darned! 😉

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