Day: May 9, 2013

The Meadow Trio

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has been an interesting couple of days! I have to admit to spending a few ‘middle of the night’ hours in the hay barn the first night that Rosie arrived. I realized that when Darby came I was on Christmas vacation and could be out with she and Paco regularly for days before I had to leave them on their own. Seems though that my worries were unfounded. Here we are just two days later and Rosie has no trouble ‘nosing’ into the barn or hanging out with her new pals. Ede is keeping me posted with pictures during the day … The first day I called her at noon and said, ‘Lovely pictures … now what is REALLY going on?’

It did my heart good to receive this shot today. And when I got home I got to see first hand that we could all hang out together. Darby and Rosie are very ‘people affectionate’. Paco is much more reserved and cautious. It is fun to see him so interested in what each of the others is doing though. He wants hugs and scratches first thing in the morning after his ‘carrot cereal’. The rest of the time he is content to ensure the girls get their cuddles in.

I’m enjoying the morning and nightly rounds of exercise. I have to admit that this is the first year I’ve had such a ‘close up view’ of the blackfly situation! They seem to be thinning out today. Maybe the raindrops knocked them out… Go rain!

Well, Ede has called out that the Senators are ahead … this COULD BE game four in their pocket. Sorry Ron … 😉 I think I’ll go and keep my eyes open for the last period. Hope all is warm and cozy in your neighbourhood too!

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