Hanging with the Girls

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Ahhh…! A Friday! Which means I got to spend part of the day with the ‘girls’ at Ass Back Wood Acres. I was eager to see how the new baby was faring out in the paddock. (I have nicknamed her ‘Bella’ for now … just so I can write about her.) She and her mom were two of the first faces I saw when I got to the back fence.

She is no longer the shy one and loved to come right up to me to see what I was up to. It did make it a little tricky to try to get a good face shot of her! Doesn’t her furry face look sweet?

Evelyn (aka Little Nipper to me) was a bit jealous at first. Bella’s mom does a great job of butting the others out of Bella’s way. So poor Evelyn had to stand off a bit at first. She made sure she got right into the thick of things once I kneeled down so the whole herd could gather around to eat my camera cord and chew on my sandals.

Evelyn also has a “Mom Protector” of her own, Della. The two of them were very funny when I took a short video clip of them getting both of their noses stuck in the same water barrel. Evelyn also showed me how agile she was when she cleverly aimed her back hooves in the face of the mule trying to deek them out of the water bucket.

I swear this young donkey (Fuzzy) thought it was hilarious when Evelyn scored on the mule kick!

When I walk around the Gallagher fields all of the girls like to follow along. I think they want to make sure they don’t miss out on any of the action. There would have been some pretty funny shots of ME when I tried to outrun them backwards so I could get some face shots without my shadow in the way. I’m glad I didn’t have to go in and change my shorts! You can fall on your butt almost anywhere and be fine … Let’s just say my bum print missed a permanent brown dye job by inches. Ha! I went back to Pepper’s field to say hello. He is a real sweetheart and loves attention. All along his fence are large gaps where he has bent the wire to put his head through for some great ear scratches and nose kisses with the gals.

The ‘gals’ were eager to pay him a visit as well. I looked back and saw almost all of the herd patiently weaving their way along the paths to follow me to the back barn. With this drought the back fields look a bit like a desert landscape. There are some type of weeds that grow really well around here that are now taller than I am. They are in Paco’s field too. I thought these girls looked like they were walking along some Mexican farm trail!

I loved being out longer this morning. I got to see a lot of interaction between the donkeys. This was one of my favourite moments. Hannah pushed ‘Bella’ up to the fence to get her to say hello to Pepper. The herd does a lot of paired grooming (sort of reminds me of our childhood car rides where we arranged ourselves in a row and did ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’), rearing at each other and play fighting, bonking and sideswiping, and braying and nipping at each other. I’m so thankful that Donna and Kevin allow me to hang out in their fields to soak up a donkey fix!

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